British university students complete gruelling Caribbean adventure

Two British university completed a trans-Caribbean kayak journey with only a small amount of paddling experience between them, giving you no excuse to not pick up one of our 2 seater kayaks for sale and hitting the water with a friend for your own expedition!

We’ve previously mentioned the pair as they set out on their journey, following in the footsteps of sea kayak legend John Dowd, who in 1978, completed a journey from Trinidad and Tobago to Florida in which he said; “the Caribbean trip took eight months. It was far and away the most serious kayak trip I have done due to the open crossings, strong currents and strong winds”.

A Caribbean mission was also undertaken by the Canadian Henry brothers in 2014 when they kayaked a staggering 6,500km from the mouth of the Amazon in Brazil to Juno Beach in Florida and they gave plenty of advice to the British students as they set about their own journey.

With roughly a week’s worth of paddle experience between them twenty-one-year-old William McCreadie and twenty-two-year-old George Parry completed their 2,000-mile journey across the Antilles in aid of their foundation, the Get Exploring Trust, a non-profit organisation that aims to promote outdoor adventures and activities as a way to build character and camaraderie.

They paddled their way through nineteen different countries and recently took part in a media interview where they divulged some of the highs and lows of their epic journey.

On the positives of being in a tandem kayak McCreadie said; “we chose a tandem kayak for the greater speed, stability and simplicity of not worrying about losing each other in rough water or the dark when we kayaked through the night. A tandem is faster, more stable, and often cheaper than two singles; it’s impossible to lose your partner at night. You also feel like more of a team, paddling in time and with equal effort.”

George spoke of the hospitality and friendliness they encountered along the way saying; “Our first stop in the Bahamas was the Bahamian island of Mayaguana. Arriving on the beach we cleared customs and planned to set up our hammocks for the night. A local man who was waiting for the fishermen to return told us the sand flies would be awful if we camped here. Having talked to us for just the best part of 10 minutes he decided to take us to his home. He gave us his bed for the night and made sure we were well fed that night and in the morning.

Hopefully their incredible journey will inspire you to hit the open water with your friend or you can paddle with your pooch instead!

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