British explorers attempting to cross from Greenland to Scotland by kayak

We live in a time that most explorations by boat have been done, but this summer British explorers Olly Hicks and George Bullard will attempt the first documented crossing from Greenland to Scotland by kayak, named ‘In the Wake of the Finnmen’.



Hicks and Bullard will set out for Iceland from Greenland in a slightly modified carbon fibre/Kevlar 7.4-meter tandem sea kayak. The kayak will also be equipped with a special cockpit design that can be sealed and allow the two paddlers to sleep while at sea, safely resting inside it.

It will take the duo three days to cross the Denmark strait to Iceland and then they will paddle along the Icelandic coast before taking on the six-day crossing to the Faroe Islands. This stretch of ocean is known as ‘the Devil’s Dancefloor.’

Once on land on the Faroe Islands they will rest and recover before setting off again to the tiny island of North Rona, before making a final push to their final destination of Cape Wrath in Scotland.

Their route across the ocean will be tracing earlier explorers. In the late seventeenth century there were sightings and reports of mysterious vessels off the coast of Scotland, with one account of a man speaking an unintelligible language before he perished. Theories about these sightings include Finnish fisherman or Inuit tribes-people who crossed the dangerous waters.

About the journey they will be undertaking, Hicks said: “I love the story and the mystery. No one has tried to do it yet – so it’s like an Arctic Kon Tiki adventure. It has all the elements of a great adventure: pack ice, boats, islands, wildlife encounters, storms, surf and risk. And it’s original, a modern first.”

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