Bristol student to take on second canoeing challenge lasting 13 hours

A student from Bristol hopes to make the headlines once again, after breaking a Guinness World Record last year, with his latest challenge in partnership with his right hand man!

 Student James Reilly is a medical student at the University of Bristol, studying medicine will be accompanied by best friend Ted Simpson as they prepared to kayak for a solid 13 hours, travelling a distance of 120km in a massive, record breaking endurance test.

The duo takes on this next challenge, not only to hit the top spot and break a record, but also to raise money for the worthy cause that is the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Around this time last year, the pair set away on their Guinness World Record challenge to cross the Loch Ness in a tandem kayak, in the fastest time possible, and in a tremendous effort, they made it! Topping the headlines around the world, this spurred the team to take on another challenge and push themselves further.

They will set off on their latest mission on the 24th August, heading from Kingussie to Spey Bay. During their journey they will have to overcome many rapids and bends along the way, travelling a distance four times longer than Loch Ness in their trusty canoe. Hoping to beat the 13-hour record, they will be taking turns to have short food and drink breaks as the other member continues to paddle.

“We have spent the last year researching the route and have found that a few people have been mad enough to attempt a continuous descent. Of those few, the fastest time was recorded at 13-hours and as such is the time we have set ourselves to beat,” commented James.

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