Best Places for Sea Kayaking in Britain

There is no better way to explore the dramatic and beautiful coastline of Britain than from the water. A kayak trip along the coast makes for an amazing adventure and gives you a totally different perspective of the coast than what you are used to seeing. You can find secret beaches, hidden caves, and enjoy the breath-taking views of the cliffs. If you are looking for kayaks for sale cheap, we have a great range of sit on kayaks for sale, and loads of other accessories that you will need for a kayaking voyage.

Person kayaking in Anglesey

Read on to see our suggestions for sea kayaking locations around Britain, from islands to stretches of mainland coastline.

West Coast of Scotland

A huge area to cover, there are plenty of fantastic kayaking spots along Scotland’s west coast. The craggy coast, islands, sea lochs and stunning scenery have made it a prime location for getting on the water. The sheltered sea lochs are ideal for when the weather is too rough for venturing further out to sea. Hot spots include the isles of Islay and Jura and the Isle of Sky.

North Devon Coast

The North Devon coast is a magical kayaking spot and includes an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the coastline of Exmoor National Park and loads of secret caves and beaches you can only reach from the sea. A great starting point is Combe Martin, and as you travel along the coast, you might be lucky to spot dolphins and seals as they are regular visitors to this part of Britain’s coast.

Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

Cornwall is blessed with many stunning beaches, though its rugged coastline is another reason to draw you to the south-west county. The Lizard Peninsula, which includes the most southerly place in mainland Britain, Lizard Point, is a brilliant sea kayaking spot. It’s azure blue waters, secluded beaches and tumbling cliff faces makes you think you are paddling somewhere a lot more exotic than Britain.


Kayakers of all abilities will love Anglesey; the Menai Strait, North Stack and Penrhyn Mawr offer excellent kayaking adventures for those who are more experienced. Novice paddlers can take in the sheltered east coast of Anglesey, spotting the resident sea life and enjoying the calm waters with gorgeous Welsh scenery in the distance.

Yorkshire Coast

By sea kayaking along the Yorkshire coast, you will discover places only accessible by the sea. Along your adventure, you are likely to be joined by birds, dolphins and seals, and can enjoy riding the soft tidal waves. For more experienced kayakers, head for Runswick Bay, one of the prettiest coastal destinations in Yorkshire, and if you want to do some things on land, there is rock pooling, fossil hunting and coastal walks.

Isles of Scilly

The archipelago of islands off England’s south-west coast has a microclimate removed from the rest of the county. Inner parts of the Isles are sheltered, and the lagoons are suitable for paddling in most weather. In good weather, you can also attempt to engage with the swell from the Atlantic Ocean in the outer areas of the Isles.

Isle of Man

An often overlooked hidden gem when it comes to kayaking, the Isle of Man in the middle of the Irish Sea has a varied and beautiful coastline than any other place in the UK. Manx waters attract basking sharks in the summer, and you can even take guided trips and courses around the coastline, so you can discover all the secrets of the Isle of Man that are only visible from the sea.


The Shetland Islands are on the same latitude as southern Greenland but have a mild climate for their northern location. Ocean swells feature heavily around the islands and have shaped the coastline with sea cliffs dotted with coves and beaches. Shetland’s defining coastal feature is the number of sea caves, which you can explore on a kayak, as the complex systems are hundreds of metres long with side passages and some areas where the roof has collapsed, letting the sun shine onto the blue waters.

Where is your favourite place to go sea kayaking around Britain and the world? We’d love to hear about your favourite spots!

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