The Benefits of an Inflatable SUP

Stand up paddle boarding is a fun water sport which gives you a great workout. Many people are hooked on the sport after their first session, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Man using a Riber inflatable SUP

The sport is a great way of enjoying the beauty of nature, and many who do the sport want to be able to take their boards with them both around the UK and the world, which can often be difficult with a rigid board. That’s where inflatable SUP boards come in handy. They have many benefits, which we have taken a look at in more detail below:

Lightweight and Compact

The best inflatable SUP boards are those that can be deflated and stored in carry bags, which mean they can be easily transported in your car, on an aeroplane or even on your back while you cycle. The majority of the boards are also very lightweight when deflated, meaning they will not be a burden to carry. After properly drying out your ISUP, they can be stored in a small space too, perfect if you don’t have much space or are taking the board on holiday.

Rigid with a Traction Surface

Many people are surprised to see inflatable SUP are solid when fully inflated. Their strength means that the boards are extremely rigid, and can withstand most hits they take on the water. In addition to all of this strength, our ISUP also has a soft traction pad on the top which helps to prevent you from cuts and bruises or your feet slipping on the board and keeps you comfortable when using them for longer periods.

Long Lasting

With the proper care, an ISUP can last for a very, very long time, with only minor wear and tear. Investing in a quality ISUP that has strong seams and no issues on the valve means you can be using your board every week with no issue. There have been reports of people running over them with their cars, and the board has come out unscathed. We wouldn’t advise you try it for yourself, however!


There are some lower quality inflatable boards on the market, but the ones you find on our website are of very high standard. Because of this, they can compete against the rigid boards in the performance stakes, meaning you will still be able to enjoy the same SUP experience. You may find your ISUP is a little harder to manoeuvre than a rigid, fibreglass board which are shaped for quick movements but after some practice, you won’t notice the difference!

Great for Beginners

If you are new to the sport, an ISUP is a great option to choose. They are extremely easy to use, offer an experience to rival the rigid boards (as we mentioned above) and are also a more cost-effective option for newbies to the sport. Inflatable SUPs are also more stable than rigid boards, making them suitable for beginners as there is a reduced chance of falling off all the time. ISUPs are also versatile, so wherever you are learning the sport, the board is suited for it.

But don’t just take our word for it, grab yourself an inflatable SUP for sale and try it for yourself! If you want more information about SUP, take a look at our other blog posts:

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