Ben Parkinson completes gruelling kayak challenge on the 10th anniversary of his ‘Survival Day’

Hero Ben Parkinson, the most seriously wounded British soldier to survive warfare in Afghanistan, has marked 10 years since his ‘Survival Day’ with his most gruelling challenge yet – all to raise money for charity.



Ben has completed an arctic kayaking expedition where he travelled over 120km in perilous conditions, and has marked a major milestone in his road to recovery.

Speaking after completing this challenge, former Lance Bombardier Ben, said: “I was told I would never walk, I would never talk, they said I would just lie in a bed for the rest of my life. I wanted to prove to myself I could do it – I wanted to prove the doctors wrong.

“But it’s not just me, it has taken my mates to get me through this, they deserve a massive big up.

“It’s been a shift for everyone, but you don’t get the achievement unless you put in the hard work, and it has been very hard work. This is the perfect way to mark my ‘Survival Day’.”

Ben was joined on his epic journey through Greenland by Alex Lewis, a quadruple amputee, Tyler Christopher, a former Rifles Lance Corporal who lost both legs above the knee in Helmand in 2009.

All who took part were supported by the Pilgrim Bandits – a charity started by Special Forces veterans to challenge amputees.

One expert has stated their challenge was the kayaking equivalent of climbing Mount Everest, which is an incredible feat!

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