Ben Fogle wants to see fewer exams and increased outdoor activities in UK education

Following government plans to introduce national tests for seven-year-olds, Ben Fogle has recently aired his views on the issue, saying that fewer exams and more time in the outdoors should be the focus in UK education plans.

Speaking in the Guardian, Ben Fogle referred to the fact that it was his time outdoors that helped him learn and grow, because exams and class-based learning did not suit his way of taking things on board.

Ben added: “There is a natural simplicity to nature; it is far more tactile and tangible than the classroom. It’s a leveler; it strengthened my character and set me back on track.”
Given his experiences, Ben is naturally a big supporter of shifting the focus in education away from injecting money into exams, and more into inspiring our children to connect with the natural world. And while Ben says he is not saying we should scrap exams altogether, we should consider other options so that our younger generations can discover and explore what’s around them in the outdoors.

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Image courtesy of benfogle/Instagram.

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