Bart De Zwart sets new record at UK SUP Great Glen Paddle Challenge

Long distance paddleboarding legend Bart De Zwart has been at it again, this time setting a new record at the UK SUP Great Glen Paddle Challenge




Formerly known as the Great Glen Lake Race, the organiser of the event cancelled it with only four weeks before it was due to start. However, the event was taken over and the name changed to UK SUP Great Glen Paddle Challenge.

The 57-mile journey from Fort William to Inverness is currently run in two formats, with the first aimed at very experienced paddlers. This is a timed endurance race seeing who can cover the entire route non-stop as quickly as possible, which is what De Zwart was aiming to do.

The second format takes place over two days, for those who are looking to witness the beauty of Scotland, but in a slightly more relaxed (but still challenging) format.

Due to the rushed organisation and the poor weather forecast, only 10 paddlers showed up to the 3am start, one of whom was De Zwart. He was seeking to break the record from the last Great Glen Race, set two years ago by Mark Slater in 11hrs and 17mins.

The gruelling challenge was no mean feat, and De Zwart crossed the finish line in 10 hours and 50 mins, which was a new record by 27 minutes. What the future holds for the newly named event is yet to be seen, but there’s no denying that De Zwart is still the king of long distance paddling!

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Photo courtesy of Sam Fentress via Wikimedia Commons, under Creative Commons

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