6 Reasons to Love Kayaking in Winter

Kayaking is fun all year round and especially exciting in the winter months. Though the air and water are colder, kayaking in winter has a certain charm that many paddlers fall in love with. There are several reasons why you should try kayaking in winter if you haven’t before, so get kitted out with one of our quality cheap kayaks for sale and read on for some inspiration for winter paddling!

Three people kayaking by the shore

It’s Peaceful

Winter has a calmness which is a wonderful and peaceful experience, particularly when doing an activity outdoors. Taking your kayak out, whether it is alone or with friends, on calm waters in the winter months, is incredibly soothing. Just relax and listen to the splashing waves or quietness of the open sea, and use the opportunity to clear your head and take some time to yourself.

It Can Be a Challenge

As much as winter kayaking is peaceful, it can also be a challenge, especially on the coast. The surf is usually a bit bigger in the winter and tackling it in a kayak can be challenging but lots of fun. Winter kayaking requires more skill and knowledge, so make sure you are prepared; have a read of our blog on what to wear when paddling in winter so you can be sure you have the correct gear.

It’s a Chance to See Stunning Scenery

Though trees might be bare and the landscape looks a little more harsh, winter in Britain boasts some dramatic scenery, and witnessing it in all its beauty from a kayak is unparalleled. From the lakes surrounded by snowy mountains in the Lake District to the rocky coastline in the South West, you can be sure whatever spot you choose to do some winter kayaking, the scenery will be utterly amazing. The views you get will encourage you to bring along a camera, just remember to keep it safe and dry away from the water!

Waves in winter

It’s Easier With Fewer People

While group kayaking sessions are a lot of fun in summer, heading out on the water can be much more enjoyable when there are fewer people about. You are sure to come across some other like-minded surfers and kayakers, but with fewer people about you are likely to have more space for your kayaking manoeuvres. The feeling of having a whole sea or lake to yourself is pretty great!

It’s a Perfect Activity for Hot Drinks

Layers, hats and winter wetsuits will keep you warm but having a flask full of a hot drink is a quick and cheerful way to warm you up instantly. Have a hot chocolate before you go, a flask ready in your kayak’s dry bag and one for when you are back on land. Just don’t forget water too to keep you hydrated.

Person pouring a drink from a thermos

It’s Good to Embrace the Cold

Cold weather is not for everyone, but if you are someone who likes doing something different in a sport they love, winter kayaking is the perfect opportunity to embrace the lower temperatures. Make sure you are wrapped up warm and still able to move and paddle with ease and head outdoors. You’ll be surprised how quickly you adapt to the colder weather, and in Britain, it’ll never be as cold as you think thanks to the temperate climate.

What are your reasons for going kayaking in winter – any we haven’t mentioned? Be sure to leave a comment on social media! In the meantime, be sure to check out some of our recent blog posts:

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