5 ways to get the most out of your summer SUP trip

Most people who try stand up paddle-boarding are hooked straight from the off, leading them to buy SUPs for themselves. It’s a unique activity that can allow you to enjoy some of the most beautiful places from your board, whilst also getting a work out.

However, there are those out there who get ‘paddle-bored’ (I know, we can’t believe it either!), so we’ve looked at five ways you can make sure your next trip is a bit more fun, to keep you hooked on SUP.

Combine paddle-boarding with food

Everyone loves food! So why not combine paddle-boarding with this love? Many places abroad have venues close to local waterways, so if you are paddling abroad this could be a perfect thing to enjoy.

But if you are paddling in the UK, why not pack yourself a picnic basket and strap it to your board and enjoy a floating picnic? Or you could fill a flask of coffee and grab some breakfast items and enjoy a morning on the water, or in a little cove you might have found whilst out searching.

You could also take a look at our five snacks perfect for SUP trips, pack up a bag and just enjoy some food on the go, for something a bit quicker.

Adjust your blade

You should also ensure the entire blade is submerged in the water, to give you the maximum power. Anything less and you won’t be getting anywhere very fast.

Workout on the water

 Paddle-boarding in itself is a workout, but why not make things a bit more interesting and incorporate some other exercises?

From yoga and pilates to workouts for balance and agility, you can be as adventurous as you like with your workout. Find some flat water and try out some basic moves like press-ups, sit-ups, squats, calf raises and even burpees if you are confident enough in your ability! Combine these exercises with the cardio-based paddling, and you are sure to give your workout a new edge.

Get a paddle buddy 

Yes, you can take in the beauty of nature and enjoy places that you may not have otherwise been able to see, but it can get a bit lonely out there on your own… Why not recruit a paddle buddy?

Not only does having someone paddling with you give you some company, but it also offers a sense of security, someone to share a floating meal with, share a workout with and even have races with on the water!

Plus, you are more likely to stick to longer paddles (which will greatly benefit your fitness) if you have someone out there with you to pass the time with. And your paddle buddy doesn’t have to be a human, why not take your four-legged friend out on the water? Dogs are great company, and after some training can be the perfect partners for you on your board. Grab them a dog life jacket and they’re good to go!

Don’t paddle with your arms

Many people new to the sport will paddle just using their arms, which will not only cause you to become more tired more quickly, but won’t get you anywhere anytime soon! You should be aiming to use your core when you paddle, rather than just your arms. Your core contains a larger group of muscles than your arms, which means they won’t wear out as fast.

Instead of bending at the elbows and taking a stroke, you should practice keeping your arms relatively straight and bending at your waist to reach the blade as far forward as you can. Then, imagine you are pulling yourself towards the paddle rather than pulling the paddle to you. Doing this will give you a better core workout, as well as letting you glide through the water much quicker than you did before.

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