36-days of battling the elements in the comfort of a kayak

We often report on crazy kayaking challenges, where people are raising money for worthy causes, battling the elements as they conquer bigger and bigger challenges, and this next challenge certainly lives up to the mark with 36 days of intense weather conditions as two men make their way from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Nain, Canada!


The main man on a mission in this case was 69-year old Dick Learning, accompanied by his companion Martin Vallieres, who is an experienced adventure kayaker. They braved 36 days of terrible wind, rain and rough waves, with only three of those days offering milder conditions.

“We had it all, we got the wind, cold – my gosh it was cold – rain, and we got stuck in a tent there for four nights and three days and we couldn’t go outside. It was blowing so hard and raining so much,” commented the pair.

The pair kayaked for up to eight hours a day, traveling varying distances depending on the wind conditions. A tremendous feat to have had such a tough journey and made it to the end, travelling a total of around 466-miles!

We certainly do not recommend kayaking in such terrible conditions if it is avoidable, but we commend them both for their sheer passion and determination to complete such a challenge. If you fancy taking on a challenge of your own – possibly not quite as long or tough as this – take a look at the range of kayaks we have for sale and enjoy your next adventure!


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