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Archive for November 2017

Safe Kayaking and Canoeing: Top Tips for Planning Your Trips

person in a canoe

If you’re planning on taking a kayaking or canoeing trip, especially in the winter weather, making sure you are prepared is of utmost importance. You may be itching to get out onto the water and start having fun but preparing for your trip will ensure you avoid any hazardous instances and allows your day to…

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Best UK Destinations for Canoeing in Winter

There is a lot to enjoy about canoeing in summer; floating down a calm river with sunlight coming through leafy green trees, dancing off the water. Compared to that lovely scenario, winter canoeing seems rather uninviting. The days can be bitter, are a lot shorter and the water very cold. But get a perfect, crisp…

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Top Tips for Cold Weather Paddling

Nights are drawing in, and temperatures are getting colder; it feels like winter is already here. As much as we love the crisp mornings seeing our breath in the air, the simplicity of basic clothing to wear paddling has gone, though being Britain, the water is going to be cold no matter time of year.…

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What to Wear When Paddling in Winter

For many of us, the onset of winter marks the end of our paddling antics, when we start to stash away our equipment for the seemingly neverending hibernation period until the waters get warm enough to brave again. Yet for those who are seeking the thrills that come with more intense weather conditions, with the…

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