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Archive for August 2017

5 Beginner SUP Yoga Poses to Help Balance and Strength

The idea of yoga, let alone SUP yoga can be very daunting to some. Where do you start? What poses do you learn first to aid you on your journey? We want to facilitate you in actually getting to know the basic poses in yoga to help build your foundation for performing more stable and…

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What Canoeing Can Teach Us About Personal Well-Being

Some canoers dive down massive waterfalls; others commit to fast white water or spend multi-days touring and camping down along rivers, lakes, or just enjoy general weekend recreation. Floating around on a sunny Sunday afternoon offers a lot more than just a relaxing way to get out the office. Here is a list of lessons…

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4 Paddle-Improving Exercises for Canoeing

As a canoeer, you will know how important it is to have a strong core; it is the central power system that connects and supports the upper and lower body parts that propel the canoe and keep it stabilised. With proper posture, the core muscles, abdominals, hips and back will provide all the power and…

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Packing for the Ultimate SUP Trip

As we enter mid-August and the nights are still drawn out, the sunsets are still burning orange, some of us might be thinking about going out for an overnight SUP trip. Whether that’s on the river or the ocean, a SUP tour can be an incredibly unique way of seeing the natural world as the…

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Choosing The Perfect SUP

Choosing a SUP With so much choice of size and shape, how do you define which board is right for you? Here is a comprehensive guide to help you decide which board to buy. All-rounder These boards are the most common of all SUPs; they have a fairly wide deck and quite a lot of…

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