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Archive for June 2017

Six things to love about going out on a kayak

Once you have picked up one of our kayaks for sale you’ll be pleased to know that the UK offers a massive, yet often underrated, amount of various and superb locations and destinations that suit all abilities. To say we’re spoilt for choice is an understatement! Kayaking is also a great way to stay in shape as well as discovering new…

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‘The Piece Prize’ sees Mark Fuhrmann kayak from Norway to Greece

Mark Fuhrmann is currently paddling a 3,480-mile solo kayak trip from Oslo in Norway to Athens in Greece, which will inspire you to buy a kayak from us and head out on your own adventure, albeit a much shorter one! Mark has dubbed it “The Silent Heroes Tour,” and is doing the journey to promote peacefulness, let’s…

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6 Worldwide Kayak Holiday Locations to Add to Your Bucket List

Our planet is home to some unbelievable places to explore, and with so many options there is always a destination to suit all preferences, from spotting exotic and majestic wildlife in the tropics to gazing up at the awe-inspiring Northern Lights as you navigate your kayak around inlets and coves. The world is so full of…

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Hawaiian Hokule’a canoe completes trip around the world

A traditional Polynesian voyaging canoe called Hokule’a has finally come ashore, completing the first-ever around the world trip by a watercraft of its kind. While we recommend not to try a similar journey in our canoes for sale, it’s an incredible achievement, showing just what humans are capable of after the vessel reached the Hawaiian island…

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5 ways to get the most out of your summer SUP trip

Most people who try stand up paddle-boarding are hooked straight from the off, leading them to buy SUPs for themselves. It’s a unique activity that can allow you to enjoy some of the most beautiful places from your board, whilst also getting a work out. However, there are those out there who get ‘paddle-bored’ (I know,…

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Guide to fishing from your kayak

Those who love to fish should immediately pick up one of our kayaks and hit the open water for a fishing experience like no other. Not only do lightweight kayaks eliminate the need for a motor boat, which is expensive, difficult to transport and give off harmful emissions, but they are also perfect for seeking out…

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