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Archive for April 2017

7 Ways to Stop Cramping in Your Paddle Sessions

person on a kayak

It’s one of the aspects of paddling we dread the most, whether we’re on an SUP out in the waves or on one of our sit on kayaks for sale on a river paddle. Getting muscle cramp in the water can end a session early and when in the waves can result in a painful wipe-out as…

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6 most important skills for new canoeists

Learning how to canoe is a very exciting experience and something that can open up a great deal of freedom and a lifetime of adventures. For this reason, it is important to get your foundations sorted so you can build your skill base. So, if you have been looking at our canoes for sale with the view…

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A guide to hitting the water and paddling with your dog

You’ve picked up one of our touring kayaks for sale and have decided to hit the water with your best mate, your faithful pooch! Whilst some dogs love the water, others don’t, but with a kayak you can get them used to the feeling of being on the water without getting wet and before you know it…

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7 uses for coconut oil which benefit paddlers

Coconut oil has become extremely popular for its use as a healthy cooking oil substitute, but it can be used for much more than that, with many of its alternative uses being of great use to paddlers. It is energy and nutrient dense, providing a good source of easily digestible healthy calories as well as…

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