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Archive for March 2017

Open water canoe and kayak safety guide

The weather has finally warmed up and this past weekend saw people from all over the UK venturing outdoors as the sun cast its rays. Many dug out the lawnmower; others hopped on a bike, and plenty hit the water with their canoe, christening the start of spring by dusting off the winter cobwebs with…

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The anatomy of a canoe

Whether you are a pro on the water or have just picked up one of our open canoes for sale, knowing the correct names and parts of your canoe will give you that extra knowledge as a paddler. This can be a valuable insight when you go to upgrade your gear as well as providing the…

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Daredevil tandem kayakers hit up a storm drain

A pair of adrenaline seeking kayakers have headed back to a storm drain to tandem kayak the seemingly never ending downhill slide, while we don’t recommend using any of the canoes and kayaks we have for sale to try this yourself, we can’t deny it looks like a whole lot of fun! Well known kayakers Rush…

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Chris Bertish completes his record breaking transatlantic voyage

  South African sailor and big wave surfer Chris Bertish has completed his record-breaking transatlantic voyage in his SUP after arriving in Antigua yesterday. Using a £100,000 custom made and watertight SUP constructed by leading naval architect Phil Morrison, Chris paddled an estimated two million strokes, averaging 44 miles a day on the astonishing 4,050-mile…

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