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Archive for July 2016

Record amount of women competing in the Olympic games

This year sees record numbers of women competing in the Olympic Games in Rio, with the Australian majority being made up of females!     The sporting world has long been dominated by men, however the tables are now turning and the Olympics is seeing a stronger 50/50 divide between the genders. This is prevalent…

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All you need to know about National Fishing Month

The third week of July marks the start of a month dedicated to fishing and all that is associated with it! Predominantly offering unique opportunities for promotion and protection of the sport of angling, there are also a number of other areas in which National Fishing Month is used to benefit the legacy of this…

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Pokémon GO sparks an interest with kayakers

As you may have heard, a new Pokémon game has recently been released for smart phones and the world has gone absolutely mad for it! People have even started taking trips out on their kayaks to take a hold of hidden gyms in the middle of their local lakes and ponds!     The aim…

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Learn how to back deck roll in your kayak

So you’ve gone through the sessions on the water, training your body to be strong enough to paddle in most conditions and now you want to take the fun levels up a notch by learning a trick or two.  Well how about we show you how to learn a back deck roll?     The…

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Video shows pro kayaker swapping water for sand

When Red Bull were looking for a surprising place to send 22-year-old kayaker Eric Walter to test his kayaking ability, he probably wasn’t expecting to end up in the middle of a desert in Namibia…     The German rider is used to dropping off some of the biggest waterfalls in the world, but ended…

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