12-year-old girl paddleboards on world’s highest lake

A 12-year-old girl from New Zealand has broken a world record after she successfully paddled on the world’s highest lake in the Himalayas.



Accompanied by her father, pilot and part-time adventurer Mike Allsop, Maya pushed her stand up paddle board onto the water of Lake Pumori, before delicately kneeling on the board and paddling out into the lake.

Once out on the water, she stood up from her knees and composed herself, before cheering and lifting her paddle aloft, having just conquered the world record the highest stand up paddle board.

A short video clip of the moment was captured, and in it, moments before Maya paddles out onto the lake, she can be heard saying she is ‘so excited’ about the challenge.

However, the trip isn’t without it’s risks as Mr Allsop knows full well, saying: “If she falls in we’re days from the nearest hospital. This is risky. But this is her adventure. And I’m not going to stop her.”

Mr Allsop is no stranger to challenges himself, having first climbed Mount Everest nine years ago. Since then, each time one of his children turns seven, he has returned to the mountain. He has now had the pleasure of sharing his adventure with his daughter, embracing the family’s shared passion for adventure.

Congratulations to Maya on her record and the bravery it took to attempt such a feat! If you have been inspired by Maya’s journey, why not take a look at our range of SUP boards for sale and try paddleboarding for yourself? We recommend trying your local waterway first before attempting one half way up a mountain!

Take a look at the video of Maya in action below:

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